English Project week

Feedback of some students:

„Our project week was from May 29th – June 2nd. The trainers were Josh, Jeff, Luk and Aaron. Josh did the music workshop. Jeff taught us about culture and about photography. Luk did the drama workshop and Aaron held the sports workshop. We practised sketches, created own songs and worked on our Power-Point presentations. On Friday the 2nd of June was our presentation. We presented our sketches, songs and presentations of different sports.“

„Our trainers are called Luk, Jeff, Josh and Aaron. Luk comes from South Africa, Aaron is from Houston/Texas, Josh is from South England and Jeff is from the U.S., too. The trainers were really great and we had a lot of fun.“

„Last week was awesome. Every day we had six lessons. We made some worksheets on grammar, but most of the time we played some funny games. There were five workshops: photography, sports, drama, music and culture. In the workshops we practised for the final presentation on Friday. The people liked our presentations and we enjoyed the English week very much.“